You already know that Polio to preventable with vaccinations and there is no cure if someone contracts it, but did you know that we need to still vaccinate 400 MILLION children each year in 60 countries around the world to make sure they don't get it and spread it again?  This is why The Rotary Foundation needs your support.  There is a new recognition.  It is the PolioPlus Society. To become a member, just pledge to give $100 each year until Polio is eradicated completely.  Be a Rotary Hero and sign up for the PolioPlus Society.  The Kona Sunrise Club issued a challenge to match their 100% standing.  If you want to join the Society, complete the form CLICK HERE for the form.
If you missed the World Polio Day D5000 event, here's link yo the recording:
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