Projects for Rotarians at Workday!  Every year in April, the clubs in the District do projects for Rotarians at Work Day.  This year, we have 2 opportunities to present to you, both on Saturday, April 23rd,  Please indicate which project you would like to do.
1)This year's speech festival is a virtual event for approximately 30 participating schools with about 210 student participants.About100 judges from various community/business partners are needed to support this fabulous event.  The judge will need access to a device (laptop, computer, iPad) that has a working video camera, microphone, and strong internet connection, and all documents and rater sheets will be digital.
2) If you and your friends and family would like to do a hands-on, outdoor project, the Farrington High School Interact club has planned a community garden on their campus, 8am to Noon.  With this garden, they hope to educate people on gardening, make an impact on climate change, as well provide a safe space for mental health.  The project includes building planters, setting up a compost system, starting seeds.  Let's support our Interact club and have fun in the sun!