From: <>
Sent: Friday, November 13, 2020 12:51 PM
Subject: Up coming events- Poll for December 20th, Xmas Meeting
With the Covid-19 in Tier 2 Level we have an opportunity to hold an in person Christmas Event at the Oahu Country Club on Sunday,  December 20th.  I have requested the open lanai area to hold our function  and will have an appropriate program for the event.  Before we go any further with the planning I have requested a poll to see if the enough members will support this event.  This poll is " not a firm commitment " to atttend.  If in December within the cancellatiion agreement period  we wish to cancel we will do so.  As such, your safety and comfort is always at the forefront of every activity we do.  It is very important  that we get full participation in this poll. 
Please paricipate and send in your response during the week of the survey by clicking onto the link below:   
Thank you!
Jeff Pang