Subject: The Polio Life of Leigh Wai Doo -Adapting.       
A Resume of Leigh Wai Doo -adapting to a life of Poliomyelitis ,  post polio and family fulfillment.

Thank you Rotary International for quashing polio worldwide , the first disease to be eradicated – almost.  You Rotarians made a superb difference on saving millions of children and adults from the effects of polio myelitis .  I greatly Mahalo you. Please keep it up.  IMUA polio still is alive in small corners of our world and your Rotary international efforts keep that awareness of the world alive.
I relate and have compassion to people with polio, as I have had throughout my life. Here is my story.  

From March of Dimes poster polio child to National March of Dimes board member which raised  $76 million annually to save babies.
From  Hawaiian teenage surfer to Punahou student body president, from Columbia College  protester‘68  to Harvard  Law School  Juris Doctor ‘71 to bread baker in the Poor People’s Campaign organized by Dr. Martin Luther King for the summer of 1968 in Washington DC.   From the founding Assistant Dean and Director starting the University of Hawaii’s first and only law school to a Honolulu City Council member keeping the country country, starting the second city Kapolei and creating sister cities with the People’s Republic of China to build peace in our world.  From marrying   5’ ‘3” Iowa   farmer’s daughter with blonde hair from the Midwest to raising together three healthy beautiful kindly contributing children now good  adult citizens.
And feeling fulfilled.
Leigh Wai Doo now 76 is a fourth generation, Kamaaina whose ancestors on both sides chose to be naturalized Citizens of the Kingdom  of Hawaii: Doo Waising and Young Ahin.  Leigh-Wai Was born normal,  a big baby who started to talk and stand  early at nine months of age.   Then he came down with a high fever , as he was told later, and couldn’t move from his neck down .  Well his story goes on and on and  it is a story of evolving, adapting and choosing values , priorities and goals .
You  can hear him personally and directly on December 2, 2022 at high noon by zoom of the Rotary International- Hawaii chapter meeting. Ask him questions. He welcomes you with Aloha from Leigh-Wai  DOO