Dear members and friends, here are the updates on upcoming meetings and events!
  • May 27-31 it's the Rotary Convention in Australia Melbourne, our PDG Naomi and Ron Young along with Jeff Pang and Grace Fujiyoshi will attend.
Zoom mtg. Link:  Meeting ID: 817 8451 0005, Passcode: 253649
  • The next Assembly is June 9, 5:30 pm at Koolani Condo 3rd fl, (Douglas Yee's condo).  Address:  1177 Queen St, for Members only, please sign up and save the date!  Members only.  This will be last Assembly for this Rotary year.  
**More details are forthcoming on more exciting events during the 2023 year:**
Next Friday Dark June 9, it's the last Club Assembly, all members welcome, sign up at doodle link to RSVP
  • Installation banquet July 15 at 3660 in the Rise
  • The Kyoto West Sister Club Exchange youth visitation dates are August 4 to August 14, 2023. 
  • David Malo Banquet is schedule for Oct 2024.

Looking forward to seeing you both in person and via Zoom,

Thank you very much,
Terry Lo

Updated on Kyoto Student Exchange Youth visitation this summer month of the August.  After being paused for 3 years, finally, we can resume the program.  During the Kyoto 65th Anniversary Celebration in Mar 2023, they are really excited about the program and will send students to Honolulu this summer from August 4 through August 14.  They will send 2 girls over.  A sign up sheet for members' participation on the lodging, tours, and meals sent out via email to all the members on May 19.  Please sign up to help hosting the girls in lunch, dinner, activities, your support is highly appreciated.   More information will share as soon as we got their flights schedule.

Thank you.  Elvira Lo