Speaker Leigh Wai Doo (Fri Dec 2) 12n via Zoom
Please join us on Fri Dec 2 @12n...Leigh Wai Doo who is a polio survivor will be our speaker from Wesley Fong.
Leigh's Subject:  The Polio Life of Leigh Wai Doo-Adapting.
A Resume of Leigh Wai Doo -adapting to a life of Poliomyelitis,  post-polio, and family fulfillment.Thank you Rotary International for quashing polio worldwide, the first disease to be eradicated – almost.  You Rotarians made a superb difference on saving millions of children and adults from the effects of polio myelitis .  I greatly Mahalo you. Please keep it up.  IMUA polio still is alive in small corners of our world and your Rotary international efforts keep that awareness of the world alive.
I relate to and have compassion for people with polio, as I have had throughout my life. Here is my story.  From March of Dimes poster polio child to National March of Dimes board member which raised  $76 million annually to save babies.
From  Hawaiian teenage surfer to Punahou student body president, from Columbia College  protester'68  to Harvard  Law School  Juris Doctor '71 to bread baker in the Poor People's Campaign organized by Dr. Martin Luther King for the summer of 1968 in Washington DC.  From the founding Assistant Dean and Director starting the University of Hawaii's first and only law school to a Honolulu City Council member keeping the country, starting the second city Kapolei and creating sister cities with the People's Republic of China to build peace in our world.  From marrying   5' '3" Iowa farmer's daughter with blonde hair from the Midwest to raising together three healthy beautiful kindly contributing children now good adult citizens.  And feeling fulfilled.
Leigh Wai Doo now 76 is a fourth-generation, Kamaaina whose ancestors on both sides chose to be naturalized Citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaii:  Doo Waising and Young Ahin. Leigh-Wai Was born normal,  a big baby who started to talk and stand early at nine months of age.   Then he came down with a high fever, as he was told later, and couldn't move from his neck down.  Well, his story goes on and on and it is a story of evolving, adapting, and choosing values, priorities, and goals.
You can hear him personally and directly on December 2, 2022, at high noon via zoom of the Rotary International-Hawaii chapter meeting. 
Ask him questions. He welcomes you with Aloha from Leigh-Wai  DOO

Meeting ID: 817 8451 0005
Passcode: 253649

Upcoming WHR Meetings - SAVE THE DATE!
UPDATE:  New and exciting upcoming WHR mtg and events:
1.  WHRC Christmas Party @Waialae CC - Fri, Dec 9 at 5:30p (dinner buffet cost:  "Early Bird Special" $80.00 pp, after 12/2, $85.00 pp).  For members & guests.
2.  In-person mtg. held @Simply Sichuan - Fri Jan 13, 2023 at 12n.  Please save the date!  Speaker will be, Dr. James Ham.  For members & guests.  
3.  Sister Club, Kyoto West RC 65th Anniversary celebration - Sun & Mon, March 5 & 6, 2023.  For members & spouses.
4.  Vietnam Vocational project - Tues-Mon, March 7 - 13, 2023.  For members & spouses.
PolioPlus Still Needs you!
An easy way to get funds to The Rotary Foundation to support the Polio Eradication efforts is to do it electronically.  Please consider asking friends and family to make a donation with you to PolioPlus through our club team page by going to :
Also, have you signed the PolioPlus Society pledge yet?  If not, would you consider pledging $100 per year to PolioPlus until polio is eradicated? 
Polio is a disease that has no cure and is totally preventable with vaccines.  We are so close to knocking this out, but until then, it's only a plane ride away from us and we need to vaccinate 400 million children each year in 60 countries to make sure they are protected.   
RI President Jennifer Jones announced that an additional $150 million was pledged and she iterated that ‘Rotary members have been at the center of the worldwide effort to eradicate polo for more than three decades. Rotary launched PolioPlus in 1985 and helped found the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) in 1988, where there were an estimated 350,000 polio cases across more than 125 countries in one year. Since then, cases have plummeted by more than 99.9%, sparing more than 20 million people from paralysis. Rotary has helped immunized nearly 3 billion children against polio, contributed more than US$2.6 billion to global polio eradication efforts and helped secure more than US$10 billion from donor governments.
Please make the pledge by completing this online form and making your donation to PolioPlus.
CLICK HERE to complete the online form
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